Neon Vibes

About us

Our goal is to make your life more colourful through the introduction of LED lighting for your home and business. Our pieces are built to last with the highest quality ULTRABRITE neon and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Buy your neon for life not for the now. 

What’s the Difference Between LED and Neon Signage?

In terms of the mechanics, LED signs and light  sources  are derived  from  a  string  of  Light  Emitting  Diodes  (LED’s)  spaced  far  enough  apart such that  the  light  sources  overlap  each  other,  giving  a  constant  glow, compared to the ‘flicker’ of neon lights. LED’s are generally wrapped  in  a protective polymer, more  lightweight  than  neon’s glass tubing  and  more  flexible. Not to mention much less fragile as well! Tradition neon signs  tend  to  be  a  little  wider  and  taller  than  their  LED  counterparts.  An  LED  sign  can  be  as  little  as  1  inch  thick, compared to the minimum of  3-5  inches  deep  of neon, where  the  glass  tubing  must  extend  away  from  its  backing.